Supporting the DTI

In 2004 the Small Business Service (an executive agency of the DTI) published “A government Action Plan for Small Business”. The aim was to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business. More Software Ld and our accountants fully support this initiative.

It’s recognised that enterprise is a vital contributor to the health of our economy. Enterprise boosts productivity, increases competition and innovation, creates employment and prosperity, and revitalises our communities. A dynamic small business community is central to enterprise in the UK, generating 52% of private sector turnover, employing 12.6 million people and making an important contribution to improving the UK’s productivity.

New entrants and growth businesses enhance competition by challenging incumbent businesses; they are an important source of innovation. The vitality of the small business sector is therefore critical to the government’s objective to raise the rate of UK productivity and growth and narrow the productivity gap with the US, France and Germany.

In its action plan the government has committed to making recommendations on how accountants can offer better financial advice and support to small business. We believe “more” small business accounting software is a great example of how a commercial enterprise can help the government achieve its aims.

Free small business accounting software is now available to every start-up and small business in the UK. This will reduce the time these businesses spend doing their books, improve their financial control and enable them to have better management information. All these things will have an impact on the UK economy as a whole.

Based on our research “more” small business accounting software could add £4 billion to the UK economy just by releasing time locked up in small business financial administration alone. Improved financial control and better management information for start-up business will lower the failure rates for new businesses.

To help us in our support of the DTI simply spread the word that there is now free small business accounting software available. Together we can help make the UK the best place in the world to launch and grow a business.

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