Vision, purpose and values

Our business journey is guided by our vision, purpose and values.

Our vision
To develop a network of accountants who are committed to doing more for their clients than simply producing accounts and tax returns. Each accountant will provide free “more” small business accounting software to their small business clients, freeing up time up to help their clients develop a better business.

Achieving this goal will improve the lives of approximately half a million business owners and add £680,000,000 to the UK economy. These improvements result from the direct and indirect benefits of “more” small business accounting software.

As well as saving business owners time, improving their financial control and management information “more” software also improves the accuracy of their small business accounting. This not only protects business owners from tax investigations, but also allows accountants to spend less time completing accounts and more time being proactive with their clients.

The more high value time that accountants can spend with their clients, the more successful these clients can become across all aspects of their business, most notably achieving higher profits, spending less time at work and getting more job satisfaction.

Our Purpose
We exist to facilitate better working relationship between accountants and their small business clients. We help accountants build a better, more profitable business by increasing the value of the service they provide.

Our Values
We believe business is really about relationships and just like any other relationship; it needs to work for all parties. Money is an important part of the business relationship but it is not everything; other qualities need to be present. We define these things as business values.

We have found that if we share similar values as the people we work with we enjoy our work and do a better job. If these values are not shared, we prefer not to do business at all rather than risk doing a bad job. We have systems and procedures in place with our partners and clients to ensure these values are upheld

Our business values include being:

  • Professional
  • Considerate
  • Respectful
  • Friendly and down to earth
  • Trustworthy
  • Fair
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