Why is “more” small business accounting software free?

Nothing in life comes for free, does it? So you maybe wondering, what’s the catch? Well wonder no more; the software IS free and there IS a catch!

The reason “more” small business accounting software is free is because that accountants fund its development, support and distribution. They do this because when you use the software for your small business accounting, they spend less time at the end of the year preparing your accounts. This reduces their costs and allows them to spend more time with you during the year, so they can literally do more for you.

The catch is that you must use the software correctly, keep your small business accounting up to date and get your books to your accountant in good time for your accounts to be completed.

We’d also like you to give us feedback and if you agree “more” is really useful, spread the word. This helps us, your accountant and you because the more people that use the software the better we can make it for you. Just as in your business, word of mouth is the best form of advertising money can’t buy it.

Although the software is free, accountants offer an optional support programme for a nominal amount. Although this fee is small, it covers a lot including technical support from our software team, set-up, training support, upgrades to the software, ongoing support maintaining your business, small business accounting advice and online data back-up which ensures your small business accounting information will never be lost.

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