Before joining the network

Before adopting “more” small business accounting software we recommend you step back and take a good look at your business strategy. Giving your clients free small business accounting software will require you to commit time and money – and it is never an ‘overnight success‘.

This strategy is for firms who appreciate technology, systems and where modern working methods are driving practice development. They also understand that the accountant/client relationship is their most valuable asset. Investing in “more” small business accounting software is about protecting and enhancing your clients.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the ICEAW report The Profitable and Sustainable Practice. We have produced a whitepaper called Connecting for Profit which we will be pleased to email you. This explains how you can use technology to connect to your clients’ financial systems so you can interact with them more personally. The profit we talk about is your clients’ profit calculated as the difference between the value you deliver and the fees you charge.

If you agree that adding value and enhancing your service and client relationships is what you want to do then why not spend an hour with us in a one-to-one online briefing? During this briefing we will explain exactly how “more” will help you and your clients. At the end we can send you “more” small business accounting software for a full evaluation.

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