Set-up and delivery

Once you have completed the video guided training program your accountant will set you up so you can carry on with your own small business accounting.

This is part of the support plan since the software’s configuration is configured will affect the reports and it is vital to make sure the set-up is correct for tax and VAT purposes.

Set-up is based on a combination of what you want and what you need. You tell your accountant what type of income and cost categories you want and your accountant will help you by suggesting how you can best achieve this.

Using “more” small business accounting software means you have a choice of running a simple cashbook, having VAT on or off or accounting for VAT using the Cash or Invoicing accounting scheme. If you have more than one bank account or if you use a credit card for business your accountant will activate the options you need.

After the set-up has been completed it is critical that you and your accountant review the business set-up. We recommend you review the system every month for the first three months to allow for any slight adjustments.

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