Training is a vital step in the delivery process of a new system. The better trained you are, the less hassle you will have and the greater return you will get from your investment.

For quality control purposes “more” small business accounting software includes a training business – a fictional business with dummy data. You run through this using the on-line / built-in video tutorials. These have been carefully designed to ease you quickly over the learning curve.

One of the benefits of our videos is that you can do the training in your own time and at your own pace. You can also repeat the training as often as you wish.

It takes between one and two hours to be fully trained on all aspects of “more” small business accounting software. You simply watch, listen and do.

If you get stuck at any time or have any problems you can get in touch with your accountant who will be happy to guide you. Many accountants will even arrange for you to do the training in their office so they are on hand; others will send a trainer to sit with you while you do the training at your offices.

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