Faster and more proactive advice from your accountant

Accountants are in a unique position. Every year they analyse and review a wide range of businesses. This gives accountants a unique insight into business and this knowledge can be hugely valuable.
Business owners tend to live for today and think about the future. Unfortunately, accountants tend to think about the past because they spend most of their time producing last year’s accounts. However, because “more” small business accounting software is set up by your accountant and dovetails with their own systems, they will spend less time completing the accounts. This means they can spend more time advising you on the things that really matter to you.
Perhaps you would like a tax forecast half way through the year or need help renegotiating your bank overdraft? Maybe you’d like your business results compared to your industry so you can see where you are doing well and where you can improve. Many businesses would like to review their business performance to see how they can make more profit or would like guidance on how to make the business less dependent on their input.

Accountants that provide “more” small business accounting software are the type of accountants that not only can but want to help. By paying “more” to provide you with free small business accounting software, your accountant is demonstrating their commitment to you.

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