Let “more” improve your financial control

There are three departments in every business; marketing, operations and finance. It’s a bit like a three legged milking stool.

When all three legs are strong, you can put down the stool on almost any surface and sit down safely. However, if one leg is shorter than the others, then even on a perfectly smooth surface, you could end up on the floor.

Many start-up and small businesses are excellent at what they do and neglect proper financial management. Therefore it is no coincidence that 80% of start-ups do not make it through their first year.

Managing the money in your business is really a very simple job if you know what you are doing and have the right tools. You’ll discover that “more” small business accounting software is an easy to use tool. Support from your accountant, plus the straightforward training and videos mean that you’ll have no problems cutting through your book keeping with the minimum of fuss.

Use “more” small business accounting software to keep track of invoices and money so you are always in control. You will know what’s in the bank without needing to look at bank statements. If you are VAT registered you will be able to see your VAT bill building up and you can run reports to see where money has come from and where it has gone.

One of the main benefits of using “more” small business accounting software is being able to work with your accountant so you know how much tax to put aside during the year. This will help you make better business decisions. After all, there is no point using £5,000 of the money in the bank to buy equipment if you need this to pay your tax. This is cash flow management and together with your accountant you can have complete control and peace of mind, effectively becoming your own Finance Director!

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