How “more” will help you save time?

I am sure you have heard the phrase “time is money”. I disagree because we think in today’s world time is more valuable than money. That’s why our tagline is “…making every second count”. We literally want every second you spend small business accounting to not just add up but to be worthwhile because you will enjoy more control, get useful management information and protect yourself from tax office investigations.

To do this we have included automatic and predictive data entry. You will find that it is quicker to enter information in your books because “more” small business accounting software remembers your customers and suppliers names. When you enter information you are automatically taken to the correct column, VAT is calculated on each entry and short cuts like column jumping mean that you make short work of your financial record keeping. Remember, not only is it quicker to enter information but all the adding up is done as you go along. This means your VAT return is completed automatically. We have even included over 40 error-proof checks to save you the hassle of correcting mistakes.

How much time “more” small business accounting software saves you will depend on the size of your business, the number of business transactions you perform and what small business accounting methods you are currently using.

We have calculated the average time saving “more” small business accounting software will give you will be £2,000 a year. Our workings take into account data entry time savings on a range of business styles and comparing our workings to the government’s assessments of small business administration costs.

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